Finding a pet-friendly vacation home is critical to many travelers. Bringing your furry friend along on vacation can make it even more enjoyable, and you don't have to deal with the hassle of finding pet care while you're away.

Approximately 12.6 million households took in pets between March and December 2020, according to the American Pet Products Association. So on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic, even more families are looking for pet-friendly travel accommodations than ever.

If your pet is like family and you don't go anywhere without them, HomeExchange is a great way to travel! One of the best parts about home swapping is how pet-friendly many people are. It’s often no problem to bring your pet along with you or to leave your pet at home for your guests to care for.

"We've traveled with our dog and taken care of dogs and cats and chickens while being hosted. We've also taken our pet Budgerigar on numerous holidays. He likes to ride where there is the best view."  -Susie, HomeExchanger
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How to find pet-friendly vacation homes on HomeExchange

10 pet-friendly vacation rental alternatives in the United States

If you don’t want the expense and hassle of boarding your pet when you travel, search for a home exchange that will let you leave your pet at home or bring your pet along for the ride. To find pet-friendly homes:

  • Use the “pets welcome” search filter to find homes that will accommodate your furry (or feathered, or scaly) friend.
  • Join the dog lovers (25,905 members) or cat lovers (21,524 members) groups and filter your search to find members who are passionate about the same animal.
Find a pet-friendly HomeExchange

Here are just ten of the thousands of pet friendly HomeExchanges in the United States. Browse these beautiful homes for your US summer vacation, and sign up for free on HomeExchange and discover all of our affordable, pet-friendly accommodations!

More pet-friendly homes

How to get started with HomeExchange

10 pet-friendly vacation rental alternatives in the United States

The principle of home exchanging is simple: swap your home with someone else and enjoy the wonders of each other's city! HomeExchange also has a points exchange system, offering even more flexibility to members and facilitating non-reciprocal exchanges. Learn more about GuestPoints here.

Signing up for HomeExchange is free, so you can start communicating with members as you organize your next vacation. You are only required to pay the annual membership fee when you're ready to finalize your first exchange.

With the membership, whether you are a host or a guest, you can be sure that you will be supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and covered in the event of unforeseen events with our guarantees. Sign up and discover affordable, authentic, pet-friendly vacations around the world!

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