The US is one of the top food destinations in the world. Sure, a lot of American classics are borrowed from other cultures — pizza, for instance, is Italian, and hamburgers are German — but the continuous innovation in these dishes, as well as truly American favorites like key lime pie and clam chowder, are worth any trip.

What's more, with state economies beginning to open up and more and more Americans vaccinated by the day, travel is becoming more possible for those of us looking to enjoy the delicious food that the US has to offer. So if you're a foodie who’s planning a summer vacation, then here are the travel tips and top food destinations that you need to know.

Before you go on a foodie vacation...

Consider your mode of transportation

Consider your budget and your safety before choosing the best transportation option for your trip. If you can it would be best to travel by car or RV. And out of the two, RVs would be better since it's not advisable to use public restrooms while the country recovers from the pandemic. If you're riding a plane, then you should check online deals or use travel rewards from credit cards to minimize costs.

Budget your expenses

Budget your expenses before going on a foodie vacation

It’s important to calculate your expenses before traveling. If you’re budgeting for a family trip, then you should consider your expenses for transportation, lodging, activities, and of course, food! On average, people spend about $155 on food for four-day trips in the US, but you might go higher based on your food itinerary. Budget your expenses and be on the lookout for deals so that you can enjoy the country’s best dishes and save money at the same time.

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Be mindful of COVID-19 guidelines

If you’re going on a trip during the pandemic, then you should check which restaurants are open before getting your heart set on a particular spot. Be aware of the COVID-19 guidelines of the area you'll be traveling to, and don't forget to bring hand sanitizers, masks, and toilet paper.

Top summer destinations for foodies

Miami, Florida

Top 5 US cities for foodies this summer

Miami is one of the best destinations in Florida because of the blue waters of Miami Beach and the Art Deco buildings in Ocean Drive. After swimming in South Beach, head over to Little Havana and taste different Cuban dishes, such as the Cuban sandwiches which are made with ham, pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard. Cheese lovers should also head to Ms. Cheezious for their famous grilled cheese.

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Stamford, Connecticut

Top 5 US cities for foodies this summer

Stamford is perfect for foodies who also love nature. Cove Island Park has grassy picnic areas with waterfront views, while the Stamford Museum and Nature Center allows you to enjoy art, history, and nature. Afterwards, you can head over to Chez Vous Bistro for authentic French food or visit the Fjord Fish Market which serves premium seafood. Pizza lovers shouldn’t miss Colony Grill, which serves non-traditional hot oil pizza.

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Rochester, New York

Top 5 US cities for foodies this summer

Rochester is home to famous museums, such as the George Eastman Museum or the kid-friendly Strong Museum. The Seneca Park Zoo is also a great destination because it features an African safari! Moreover, Rochester features the best food from the state, such as buffalo wings, tomato pie, and salt potatoes. Do visit Nick Tahou Hots and try Rochester’s specialty, the garbage plate. An authentic garbage plate contains a combination of ingredients, such as cheeseburgers, hamburgers, sausages, steak, chicken, grilled cheese, fried fish, and eggs, served on top of fried beans and macaroni salad.

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San Francisco, California

Top 5 US cities for foodies this summer

Enjoy the views of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. You can also explore the city by hopping on the steam-powered cable cars, which have been around since the late 1880s. San Francisco is also known as the home of sourdough bread, which is nutritious and easy to digest. Try one from Boudin at the Wharf, one of the first bakeries that created sourdough bread. Afterwards, you should try the gigantic mission-style burritos from Taqueria La Cumbre or El Faro.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Top 5 US cities for foodies this summer

Las Vegas features numerous luxury resorts and entertainment areas as well as national conservation areas outside the Strip. While you're in the Strip, indulge and eat at the world-famous buffets of the Bellagio, Wynn, or Mirage! Meat lovers should also enjoy a good steak from the Golden Steer, while vegans can enjoy their veggie burgers from VegeNation.

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After months of home cooked food and deliveries, now is the time to plan your gastronomic trip across America. We hope the above cities provide some inspiration.

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