Exchange homes and apartments Netherlands

If you want to travel to the Netherlands, a great way to discover the country and its culture is through a home exchange. Thanks to your house swap, you will be able to have free accommodation in the Netherlands and live like a local during your vacation, immersing yourself in the country's culture in a human and authentic way. Also, your exchange partners are likely to lend you bicycles so you can travel around the country like the Dutch do.

The Netherlands is one of the best destinations for traveling with children. The country is very friendly to families and there are many activities that can be done outdoors and for free. There are many parks and most of them include small pools for your little ones to play in during the summer. They are called "Pierenbadje". In the south of Holland, near Tilburg, Hertogenbosch, and Eindhoven, you will find Efteling. It is a huge amusement park for the whole family, and completely dedicated to fairy tales.

If you are passionate about culture, art and nature, you are in luck: the Netherlands is an ideal destination for it! Amsterdam is eclectic, libertarian and very active, but the Netherlands is much more than that. You can also travel to Utrecht, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Leiden, The Hague, Den Bosch or even small picturesque towns like Heuden. The Netherlands shares a common lifestyle: canals, bicycles, typical architecture, and many green spaces - always flat, of course. And best of all, you can easily visit Holland from end to end by train. Take your bike to the train and explore the tulip fields, the mills, and the beautiful cities around the country. If it's summer, do what the locals do and bike to the nearest lake for a picnic.

Going on vacation to the Netherlands with a home exchange allows you to live like a local, quietly and comfortably, knowing that there are always places to visit and things to do very nearby - just a train or bicycle ride away. If you want a unique travel experience, check out the exchanges available in the Amsterdam houseboats.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands